On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 14:10, Fogleson, Allen wrote:
> It seems counter intuitive but...
> ejb-resourcerefs.xml - An XML unparsed entity containing resource-ref
> entities for any resources not specified in web.resource-ref tags.
> Al

Hmm... you're right, that does seem counter-intuitive.  The only reason
I can think of for doing it that way is to perhaps allow for sharing the
same resource refs between EJBs and web apps in the same EAR?  Feel free
to raise an issue in JIRA to rename it, unless anyone else can think of
a better reason or remember why it was originally done like that?

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> Subject: [Xdoclet-user] merge file for <resource-ref/>
>   Hello !
>   Very easy question, but I cant seem to find it in the doc (I'm
> probably half blind) :
>   What merge file should I use to add <resource-ref/> tags to my
> web.xml when using webdoclet ? I have a JDBC resource that is shared
> through all application, so I would like to be able to define it
> globally instead of using a "@web.resource-ref" on every servlet. Is
> that possible ?
>   Thanks for your help !
>     Guillaume Lederrey

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