>>> Chao Gao <chao....@intel.com> 08/04/17 10:12 AM >>>
>I have a machine which has two numa nodes. The NODE0 contains
>memory range from 0 to 0x18400MB and NODE1 contains memory range
>from 0x18400MB to 0x1c400MB. The resource available to dom0 is
>restricted through adding "dom0_mem=10G dom0_nodes=0 dom0_max_vcpus=48"
>to Xen Command Line. Even though no guest is created, over 1GB memory of
>NODE1 is consumed according the output of 'xl info -n'. From 'xl
>debug-keys u', I found dom0 used a lot of pages of NODE1. And after
>adding "highmem-start=0x18400MB" to Xen Command Line to avoid relocating
>dom0's image to NODE1, near 1GB memory of NODE1 is still in
>use. Considering no cpu on NODE1, I think Xen won't allocate memory from
>NODE1 if no numa node is specified. Do you have some ideas about what is 
>using the memory of NODE1? and how to avoid this?

How to avoid it depends on understanding what it's being used for: You'll
have to do some debugging yourself to find out, I'm afraid. I, at least, have
no immediate idea.


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