Sorry for the blank email previously.

     I am trying to modify netback.c in the Linux Kernel and Observe the 
changes. I've cloned the latest Linux Kernel with Git, checked out version 
4.7.0 and compiled it with the config options listed here: 
https://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Mainline_Linux_Kernel_Configs for dom0 
support. Then I installed the modules and the kernel and I had a file 
'xen-netback.ko' present in /lib/modules/4.7.0/kernel/drivers/net/xen-netback.

When I tried a modprobe on this file, I got an error "modprobe: ERROR: could 
not insert 'xen_netback': No such device."

I wanted to know how to resolve this error. Should I build Xen from the source 
code or is it enough to just install the xen-hypervisor via apt-get (Ubuntu)?

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