Wei Liu writes ("Re: [PATCH v2] libs/gnttab: introduce XENGNTTAB_BUILD_BUG_ON"):
> AIUI BUILD_BUG_ON is a private thing to each library, hence the
> duplication. But I'm fine with having a central header for that, too.
> If we want to share that macro across all libraries, we can create a
> tools/include/private.h.  But that would require a fair bit of work --
> adjust xen build system, fix stubdom build, fix mini-os etc -- which I
> think it would be best to leave to me.
> In the meantime, we should unblock Paulina on this one so that her
> project can move forward.

Well, you asked for my opinion.  I don't feel strongly enough to block
this patch.  I don't have any other objection to it.

The problem with the "we should unblock" approach is that as each
successive clone of this code is introduced, the task of fixing it up
becomes harder, and the precedent for further clones becomes stronger.

(As far as the rules for committing are concerned, I think this patch
can be committed with your ack but without mine.)


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