Lai, Paul C writes ("trying to get started w/ osstest"):
> I?m looking to get started with osstest and running to some roadblocks.

Thanks for your interest.  Sorry for the late response - I've been

> The page
> xen-automatic-test-system-osstest/ looks like the place to begin, but
> 1.       The README link returns 404 (file not found)
> standalone

The correct link is:;a=blob;f=README;hb=HEAD

That blog post is quite old now, and the `standalone' branch was
merged into master and deleted some time ago.

> 2.       When I try to clone the project via the https: URL, another file not
> found error returns.  The URL tried was
> osstest.git.

This was a configuration error which I have rectified.

It seems that several repos are bust in the same way.  I'm going to
ask our sysadmins to fix this.

> And it was taken from;a=summary,



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