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>Lars Kurth writes ("Re: [PATCH v2 3/3] Significant changes to decision
>making; some new roles and minor changes"):
>> I could, but it isn't really that long. And it makes life hard for me,
>> there is only one file. Thus breaking it into bits and maintaining the
>> changes is hard in git.
>Are you aware of `git add -i' ?

No: will look at it next time.

>If you find it too difficult I would be happy to try to rework your
>final patch into a series of smaller changes.

I talked to George and he is happy to review this as-is.

The only sensible way to break it into smaller bits is by chapter: there
are very few dependencies across chapters (with the exception of
cross-references such as anchors and links).

Almost everyone else has reviewed this series already: Jan, Stefano, Wei,
Tim and I think Konrad.
That leaves you and George amongst the committers: so I am not sure
whether there is much point in doing so. But I am not against it.


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