On 09/19/2016 11:30 AM, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Boris Ostrovsky writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 00/19] Make ACPI builder 
> available to components other than hvmloader"):
>> _S5 object still exists but it's content has been modified by subsequent
>> non-Lenovo changes so I think we can not worry about lines 20-30.
>> But lines 30-43 are still present in current code.
> Are we really having this much trouble over 13 lines ?  Do we have
> someone (who hasn't read the existing code) who could write 13 lines
> of DSDT ?

This is a bug fix (it implements section 5.8.1 of the spec, to be exact)
and presumably anyone with basic ASL knowledge would have been able to
write it.

But we'd still have to deal with mk_dsdt.c which is where the second,
larger, chunk of Lenovo patch went.


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