Juergen Gross writes ("[PATCH v2 4/4] docs: add HVM USB passthrough 
> Update the man page regarding passthrough of USB devices to HVM
> domains via qemu USB emulation.

Acked-by: Ian Jackson <ian.jack...@eu.citrix.com>

By which I also mean that I approve of the API.  Thanks!


> +"devicemodel" specifies a USB controller emulated by qemu. It will show up as
> +a PCI-device in the guest.
> +
>  "auto" (the default) determines whether a kernel based backend is installed.
>  If this is the case, "pv" is selected, "qusb" will be selected if no kernel
> -backend is currently available.
> +backend is currently available. For HVM domains "devicemodel" is being 
> selected.

This should read:
   For HVM domains "devicemodel" will be selected.

But this can be fixed up later; I'm happy to submit such a patch.

Also you might want to consider semantic newlines for your future
patches to the markdown.


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