On 17/08/16 18:18, Dario Faggioli wrote:
> In both Credit2's trace records relative to checking
> whether we want to preempt a vcpu (in runq_tickle()),
> and to credits being burn, make it explicit on which
> pcpu the vcpu being considered is running.
> Such information isn't currently available, not even
> by looking at on which pcpu the events happen, as we
> do both the above operation from a certain pcpu on
> vcpus running on different pcpus.

But you should be able to tell where a given vcpu is currently running
from the runstate changes, right?  Obviously xentrace_format couldn't
tell you that, but xenalyze should be able to, unless there were lost
trace records on the vcpu in question.

My modus operandi has been "try to keep trace volume from growing"
rather than "wait until trace volume is noticably an issue and reduce
it".  Presumably you've been doing a lot of tracing -- do you think I
should change my approach?


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