On September 20, 2016 9:14,
> Hi everyone,
> when I create a vTPM instance and attached to it a VM, I use tpm-tools to 
> take thw ownership of the vTPM. Then,
> if I destroy the vTPM and the VM, my expectation is that when I re-create the 
> same vTPM attached to the same VM,
> the owership is already taken, but this is not the case: if I re-run 
> tpm_takeownership, the command is successfull.
> Why this happens?


I think the emulated TPM is always started with 'ST_CLEAR' status..

in vtpm.c:
|-main_loop() -- tpm_emulator_init(opt_args.startup ...)

in tpm_emulator_init(), the opt_args.startup is with ''ST_CLEAR''

struct Opt_args opt_args = {
   .startup = ST_CLEAR,

btw, in my experience, when tpm_takeownership is successfull and you re-run it 
again, it also print out

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