>>> On 22.09.16 at 13:45, <daniel.ki...@oracle.com> wrote:
> However, I am still not sure why do not you want change currently
> existing solution used to calculate end of image address. I showed
> that it is easy to break. So, why we must live with it?

I didn't say it needs to remain that way. All I said is that I don't
want it changed without sufficient reason.

>> But no matter what route we go: Such a change needs to have a
>> description that properly explains the issue. Vague statements are
>> not enough.
> Could you be more specific? Where are my description(s) vague? What
> should be added or removed?

Excuse me - it was _you_ (the producer of the patch) who needed a
while to figure out what the actual problem was. If, from looking at
your own patch + description, you can't figure this out immediately,
how can you expect the reader of it to see clearly the issue that
needs fixing?


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