On 12/10/16 21:38, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Ian Jackson writes ("Re: Proposed plan and URL name for new VM to download 
> xen tarballs (ftp.xenproject.org)"):
>> Sure, I don't have an opinion.  I have changed this, so it's now
>> under:
>>   https://downloads.xenproject.org/release/xen/
> No-one has objected, so we are now committing to this.  The new URLs
> will be primary for the forthcoming RC (Wei will send an announcement
> when it's ready).

I missed this previously in the rest of the list happenings.

I'm actually glad this is happening. Having predictable naming / pathing
of the xen tarballs is fantastic.

I lothe going via the web site to download the file.html which ends up
being the filename on the system. Would be much nicer to have a direct
download link automatically generated that works.

As such, +1 from me :)

Steven Haigh

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