Hi Jan / Wei,

Took a while before i had the chance to fiddle some more to find the actual 
After analyzing the output of xl -vvvvv create somewhat more i came to the 
insight it was probably Qemu and not Xen causing the fault.

As a test I just used a qemu-xen binary build with xen-4.6.0 booting up a guest 
direct kernel boot mode on xen-unstable. And that old qemu binary works fine.

After testing i can conclude, Jan was right, the bisection was a red herring,
the problem is caused by some change in Qemu and not by something in the Xen 
(strange thing is that for as far as i know i did a "make distclean" between 
every build (taking a lot of time), which should have pulled a fresh qemu-xen 
tree and therefor the bisection should have lead to a commit with a Config.mk 
hash change for qemu-xen version.)

Will see if i can find some more time and bisect qemu and find the culprit.


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