rr (http://rr-project.org/), a Linux userspace record-and-replay reverse-
execution debugger, would like to trap and emulate the CPUID instruction.
This would allow us to a) mask away certain hardware features that rr does
not support (e.g. RDRAND) and b) enable trace portability across machines
by providing constant results. Patches for support in the Linux kernel are in
flight, and we'd like to be able to use this feature on virtualized Linux
instances as well.

Changes since the previous version:
- Rebased.
- Exposed cpuid_faulting_enabled outside of cpu/intel.c, as suggested by
  Andrew Cooper. This is now patch 1, and the original changes are in
  patch 2.
- Various style nits from Andrew Cooper and Jan Beulich.
- Additional style changes not suggested (primarily replacing ternaries with
  if (condition) value |= BIT for futureproofing).
- Check guest_kernel_mode instead of ring_0 in emulate_privileged_op.
- Check cpuid_fault and guest_kernel_mode in emulate_forced_invalid_op.

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