On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 12:49:18PM +0100, George Dunlap wrote:
> Hey Ronald,
> My ultimate vision for the libxl golang project is to have the following:
> - Golang bindings for all core libxl functionality
> - A test program which exersises as much of that functionality as is
> reasonable
> The C libxl library has two components: parts that are written by hand
> (such as libxl.h and libxl_*.c), and parts that are generated
> programmatically by the IDL compiler (such as _libxl_types.h and
> _libxl_types.c).  I think the end goal should be to extend the IDL to
> generate at least the Golang types, and probably a lot of the "helper"
> methods as well (such as ${TYPE}.String() or ${TYPE}.FromString()).
> But before diving into the I think it makes sense to first implement a
> core set of functionality by hand, to see what the shape of the library
> looks like, then implement the type-generation part of the IDL.  Other
> things we might do with the IDL, such as generation of utility methods,
> we can add in at later points as well.
> At the bottom of this mail, I've got all the libxl functions from
> libxl.h sorted into what seems to me a useful order to start working on
> things.
> I list here the "headers".  This is a *lot* of functionality; I very
> greatly doubt that it will be possible to get all of it implemented and
> tested during the internship.  I'd much rather have a decent core set of
> functionality with a really good testing than attempt to get all the
> functions "implemented" in a way which nobody knows if it works.
> If we can get the basic IDL working, and stuff implemented and
> well-tested through "Secondary host operations", I think the internship
> will have been a solid success.  If we get through "Devices: PCI", I
> think it will have been a wild success. :-)

It looks like due to the large timezone difference that we have I'm not able to
catch you on #xen-devel a lot of the time so I may start relying on email 
a bit more, anyway...

I made a quick timeline in a google doc that outlines what I think I can 
accomplish during the duration of the Outreachy internship which I will link 
below(1). I gave it a fairly optimistic view of what could be done so that if 
anything happens, like an emergency or maybe something is harder then expected,
enough should still be accomplished during the internship period so that it'll 
still be considered a success. Feel free to edit it however you want. 

Since the application would have been due later today, October 17 7:00PM UTC, 
I tentatively submitted the application. It can be edited until November 8th 
so if you think I should change anything let me know and I'll do that as soon
as I can. I'm not sure if you can view my application now but I will provide
a link to a google doc that will have exactly what I submitted on my 
application(2). You should be able to edit it if you want to. 
Notes on school:
I have most of my midterms next week so I probably won't be able to contribute 
much then. I will try to finish all of the major problems this week, like 
finalizing the application and the project timeline. Then in two weeks I will 
have the time to do some more work, like creating the Makefile for the golang 
binding project. 


Ronald Rojas

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