I've been playing around with the netback.c file in order to produce some log 
statements with dimes to better understand when each function in the file is 
called and I was having some trouble actually getting them to show up. I've 
written log statements in the following functions using the printk function at 
the beginning of each function below:

1.xenvif_rx_meta *get_next_rx_buffer()

2.void xenvif_rx_action()

3.int xenvif_tx_submit()

4.void xenvif_wait_for_rx_work()

5.int xenvif_kthread_guest_rx()

The I've not actually been able to see the log statements using dmesg at all. 
I've inserted the en_netback module in the kernel and checked that it is being 
used by the VM with the command lsmod | grep xen_netback.

I've booted up my virtual machine, and run a simple client server socket 
program in localhost within the VM and still not seen a single log message from 
the netback.c file being printed.

Can someone please advise me on where I can possibly insert log statements or 
how I can use the VM to invoke the netback.c functions?


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