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>> CC Dario and Meng
> Thank you very much for cc.ing me, Wei! :-)

why are you not on the list?

> The short story is:
> If you use "xl sched-rtds -v all", you will see the parameters are changed.
> Another thing is that the current RTDS scheduler will only allocate
> the amount of resource to the VCPU you set.  Since you set period and
> budget to be 20000 and 8000, you only get 40% CPU resource. (We won't
> get more resource than you set under the current RTDS.)
what is the min max?

> We are working on another improved version of the RTDS, which could
> let a VCPU get more resource that specified when there is idle
> resource left in the system.
> If you could tell us what you want to use RTDS to achieve, we could
> take that into consideration when we improve the RTDS further.
well I just wanted to test it and see how it performs and don't have a special 
need for this scheduler

except shutting up loudmouthes who say you can not assure min  resources to a 
domain :-)

btw i switched to oxenstored


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