Thursday, December 1, 2016, 2:59:36 PM, you wrote:

> On 01.12.2016 14:26, Wei Liu wrote:

>> This is still the same kernel log that was sent some time ago.
>> So, if you have built Xen with debug=y, could you try to set Xen log
>> level to the highest and capture "xl dmesg" when guest crashes?

> It's not the guest that crashes, it's dom0. So when the host crashes, 
> I'm not able to issue any commands anymore.

>> But I think this is increasingly likely to be a Linux kernel issue
>> because you've tried multiple versions of xen. Maybe it is time to try
>> different versions of Dom0 kernels (sorry if you've tried that, I can't
>> remember all the details over so many moons).

> Yes, indeed I have tried different kernels, but I can't remember details 
> as well... ;/

Hi Ingo,

Have you tried without enabling "ndisc" (QoS) and "ipv6" ?
They are both present in your log and i assume you are using a bridged network 
config ?
You wouldn't be the first to stumble over a more generic kernel network bug
while using Xen, due to less well tested combinations.
So it's worth testing if plain ipv4 and no QoS works.


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