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> Sent: 16 February 2017 09:21
> To: Paul Durrant <paul.durr...@citrix.com>
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> Subject: backport of "x86/hvm: don't rely on shared ioreq state for
> completion handling" ?
> Paul,
> as it looks to be quite non-trivial an operation, did you happen to
> have to backport commit 480b83162a to 4.4 or older, without
> backporting all the ioreq server stuff at the same time? It looks to
> me as if the issue predates the addition of ioreq servers, and us
> having had customer reports here would seem to make this a
> candidate fix (perhaps with at least 125833f5f1 ["x86: fix
> ioreq-server event channel vulnerability"] also backported, which
> also appears to address a pre-existing issue).

Hi Jan,

Sorry, no I don't have a back-port. Agreed that the issue existed prior to 
ioreq servers but the checking was probably sufficiently lax that it never 
resulted in a domain_crash(), just bad data coming back from an emulation 


> Thanks, Jan

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