>>> On 19.02.18 at 15:23, <igor.druzhi...@citrix.com> wrote:
> We're noticing a reproducible system boot hang on certain
> post-Skylake platforms where the BIOS is configured in
> legacy boot mode with x2APIC disabled. The system stalls
> immediately after writing the first SMP initialization
> sequence into APIC ICR.
> The cause of the problem is watchdog NMI handler execution -
> somewhere near the end of NMI handling (after it's already
> rescheduled the next NMI) it tries to access IO port 0x61
> to get the actual NMI reason on CPU0. Unfortunately, this
> port is emulated by BIOS using SMIs and this emulation for
> some reason takes more time than we expect during INIT-SIPI-SIPI
> sequence. As the result, the system is constantly moving between
> NMI and SMI handler and not making any progress.
> To avoid this, initialize the watchdog after SMP bootstrap on
> CPU0 and, additionally, protect the NMI handler by moving
> IO port access before NMI re-scheduling. The latter should help
> in case of post boot CPU onlining. Although we're running
> watchdog at much lower frequency it's neveretheless possible
> we may trigger the issue anyway.

I'm afraid I can't connect "the latter" to anything earlier in the


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