Wei Liu writes ("[OSSTEST PATCH v2 14/19] ts-guests-nbd-mirror: make it work 
with stretch"):
> On the server side, only add oldstyle= and port= on Wheezy and Jessie.
> Stretch doesn't support or need those anymore.
> +    if ($cho->{Suite} !~ m/stretch/) {
> +        configclient_pre_stretch();

This will go wrong in buster.  Your match needs to be inverted and the
set of suites too, so that unknown suites get the new behaviour.

It's probably easier to swap the limbs of the if.

> +
> +    if ($cho->{Suite} !~ m/squeeze|wheezy|jessie/) {
> +     foreach my $v (@vols) {
> +         my $nbddev = "nbd$v->{Ix}";
> +         target_cmd_root($cho, <<END);
> +mkdir -p /dev/$v->{Gho}{Vg}
> +if ! test -L $v->{Path}; then ln -s /dev/$nbddev $v->{Path}; fi
> +END

This seems to duplicate code in what is now configclient_pre_stretch.

I also don't understand the logic that says:
 - on stretch, do the post-stretch thing, and make this symlink
 - on squeeze..jessie, do the pre-stretch thing, and make this symlink
 - on sarge, do the pre-stretch thing, and make the symlink twice


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