Wei Liu writes ("[OSSTEST PATCH v2 09/19] ts-debian-fixup: merge origin extra= 
to our own"):
> The original extra= was not removed, so there were two extra= in the
> resulting config file.
> It wasn't a problem for xl because the second extra= took precedence.
> However libvirt tests would only pick up the first extra= --  they
> worked by chance.
> -    $cfg .= "\nextra='$extra'\n";
> +    $cfg =~ s/^extra\s*=\s*['"](.*)['"]/extra = '$1 $extra'/mg;

Isn't this a no-op if there is no extra= already ?

Also you use s///g but AFAICT multiple extra would already be an error
of some kind and editing them all doesn't seem to make sense...


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