If you are working on commercial, academic or open-source projects which use 
OpenXT, Xen Project or OpenEmbedded to implement platform components with 
well-defined security properties, you are invited to present at Platform 
Security Summit 2018, which will take place on May 23-24 in Fairfax, VA, USA.

Topics of interest include:

 - Virtualization-based isolation of open, proprietary and restricted code
 - Architecture for disaggregation of Xen-based systems
 - Mixed-criticality system design, testing and safety certification
 - Scheduling, hardware partitioning and hypervisor nesting
 - Xen PVH, PCI passthrough, PV-IOMMU, Qemu disaggregation

 - Hardware-rooted security technologies (e.g. TPM, TEE, SGX)
 - Measured launch, DRTM and SRTM deployment models
 - Stateless VMs and unikernels with OpenEmbedded
 - Reproducible, cross-compiled builds with OpenEmbedded
 - Spectre/Meltdown mitigations, performance & security

 - Inter-VM and Multi-Hypervisor Communication
 - Networking technologies for mutually trusting systems
 - Mandatory Access Control (e.g. SE Linux, Xen Security Modules)
 - Fuzzing of Xen, OpenEmbedded and platform firmware
 - GPU and co-processor virtualization 

The 2-day event will have a single track of presentations and discussions.  
There is no cost to attend, but space will be limited.  If you would like to 
present or attend, please respond to this message by Friday, 31st March, 
stating your organization name and topics of interest.

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