Add a basic README explaining the containers and how people can use them
to locally test with if they see an error in CI and want to reproduce it

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+Docker Containers
+These Docker containers should make it possible to build Xen in
+any of the available environments on any system that supports
+running Docker. They are organized by distro and tagged with
+the version of that distro. They are available from the GitLab
+Container Registry under the Xen project at:
+The available ones are:
+- centos:7.2
+- debian:jessie
+- ubuntu:trusty
+- ubuntu:xenial
+To Build Xen
+From the top level of the source tree it should be possible to
+run the following:
+docker run --rm -it -v $(PWD):/build -u $(id -u) -e CC=gcc $(CONTAINER) make
+There are other modifications that can be made but this will run
+the `make` command inside the specified container. It will use your
+currently checked out source tree to build with, ensure that file
+permissions remain consistent and clean up after itself.
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