The subject line says to expect 30 patches, but you've only sent 18 to
the list here. I eventually figured out that the first 12 patches were
in Xen code and so not sent to qemu-devel.

For future if you have changes that affect multiple completely separate
projects, send them as separate series. ie just send PATCH 00/18 to
QEMU devel so it doesn't look like a bunch of patches have gone missing.

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 04:33:45AM +1000, Alexey Gerasimenko wrote:
> How to use the Q35 feature:
> A new domain config option was implemented: device_model_machine. It's
> a string which has following possible values:
> - "i440" -- i440 emulation (default)
> - "q35"  -- emulate a Q35 machine. By default, the storage interface is
>   AHCI.

Presumably this is mapping to the QEMU -machine arg, so it feels desirable
to keep the same naming scheme. ie allow any of the versioned machine
names that QEMU uses. eg any of "pc-q35-2.x" versioned types, or 'q35' as
an alias for latest, and use "pc-i440fx-2.x" versioned types of 'pc' as
an alias for latest, rather than 'i440' which is needlessly divering
from the QEMU machine type.

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