On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 04:45:51PM +0100, Olaf Hering wrote:
> The usage of DEBUG_DIR breaks OVMF build. Rename it to XEN_DEBUG_DIR.
> The default DEBUG_DIR=/usr/lib/debug can not be used for rpm builds
> because that directory is "owned" by rpm-packaging itself to store the
> autogenerated ${pkg}-debuginfo.rpm data. Thats why I set it to /boot.
> This worked fine until recently, only /boot/xen-syms was affected by
> that change, and in fact only the "xen" build needed DEBUG_DIR as make
> cmdline option.
> Now tools/firmware/Makefile also uses DEBUG_DIR. To set DEBUG_DIR the
> tools build must be done like "make DEBUG_DIR=/my/dir". But this breaks
> build with --enable-ovmf because ovmf.git makes use of the very same
> variable. For some reason it can not deal with a custom value, some
> autogenerated file will not be found:
> [  126s] make[8]: *** No rule to make target '/boot/AutoGen.h', needed by 
> '/home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/xen-4.11.20180228T150620.cb671efbf1/non-dbg/tools/firmware/ovmf-dir-remote/Build/OvmfX64/DEBUG_GCC5/X64/OvmfPkg/ResetVector/ResetVector/OUTPUT/ResetVector.bin'.
> Fixes commit b38c4e1763 ("build: remove shim related targets")

I would rather prefer to fix this properly by setting DEBUG_DIR in
config/Paths.mk.in from configure for the tools usage. This should
allow the path to be set from configure and thus avoid the need of
passing it from the command line when calling make. Do you think that
would solve your issues?

I can prepare a patch to do that.


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