>>> On 13.02.18 at 21:04, <wei.l...@citrix.com> wrote:
> Linear page table is a PV only feature. The functions used to handle
> that will be moved.

But the functions dealing with linear page tables are all helpers to
PV-only functions. Why does any of this need to become non-
static or factored out? It should all be moved in one go.

> @@ -70,6 +72,9 @@ static inline int pv_put_final_page_type(struct page_info 
> *page,
>                                           struct page_info *ptpg)
> +static inline void pv_dec_linear_pt(struct page_info *ptpg, struct page_info 
> *page,
> +                                    unsigned long type) {}

Along those lines, if such a placeholder was indeed necessary, it
should gain ASSERT_UNREACHABLE() I think.


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