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> From: Razvan Cojocaru <rcojoc...@bitdefender.com>
> For the default EPT view we have xc_set_mem_access_multi(), which
> is able to set an array of pages to an array of access rights with
> a single hypercall. However, this functionality was lacking for the
> altp2m subsystem, which could only set page restrictions for one
> page at a time. This patch addresses the gap.
> HVMOP_altp2m_set_mem_access_multi has been added as a HVMOP (as opposed to a
> DOMCTL) for consistency with its HVMOP_altp2m_set_mem_access counterpart (and
> hence with the original altp2m design, where domains are allowed - with the
> proper altp2m access rights - to alter these settings), in the absence of an
> official position on the issue from the original altp2m designers.

I've just stumbled across this 3 months old patch. All my comments
code wise have been addressed, so I'm not going to object to this
going in. However, the permissions issue alluded to above is what
makes me refrain from giving an ack for it; it'll need Andrew's or
George's ack (plus a tool stack maintainer's) to go in. (Please
remember that it's generally the submitter of a patch to ping people
for missing acks.)


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