Hi all,

Please find attached the agenda

We don’t have any design and problem related items this meeting. This means 
that we will only cover discussions specific to some series, some may contain 
design related discussion though. Note that the meeting will probably not be 
very interesting for people whose series are not on the agenda. Feel free to 
join and observe the meeting, but it’s also OK to drop out. You can give me 
feedback about the meeting format (see AOB at the end)

For series on the agenda: we will only discuss your series if the poster of the 
series is on the call when we get to it. For each series, I will call out the 
owner: if the owner is not there, I will move to the next one.

Intel has sent me an updated list based on their priorities. I pushed items 
which have no issues down the priority list. Also, I tried to order based on 
priority and vendor.

Quick round the table: name, company
Series for 4.11
Other Series with Issues
Other Series with no Technical Issues which had no review
Other Series - Progressing or Waiting (we will probably not get to these) - 
just there for reference
AOB: feedback on format

Detailed agenda at 
  (I am planning to edit this as we go during the meeting) and as PDF
I set it, such that everyone can edit


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