thanks for the valuable input.

On 06/04/2018, 19:01, "Jarvis Roach" <jarvis.ro...@dornerworks.com> wrote:

    > Here my understanding is that we need a certification partner like TÜV,
    > MIRA or a company like Dornerworks who already have experience with
    > Xen. By working with a partner experienced in certification, the overall 
    > of certification would be significantly reduced. The elephant in the room 
    > funding and a business model (aka all the items listed in
    > https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HpYzClh0nDEocsUHb17X0DxiehsAb
    > CgyWE-P2Wk_RNU/edit section 4.1). The reality is that organisations such
    > as TÜV, MIRA, Dornerworks, ... will need to be paid by someone. Which, I
    > think we need to park for now.
    I wouldn't leave it parked too long. The issues of funding and remuneration 
will delay/derail progress more than all of the technical challenges combined.
I agree.

My expectation would be to first see whether we can make progress on 2-3 as 
this affects code size to be certified. Without knowing how much code we are 
looking at, it will be impossible to have any credible discussion about 
funding. I am not intending to delay this discussion: primarily looking at this 
from a critical path perspective.


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