This series provides code to generate a feature support matrix, to
replace the one on the wiki.  You can see an example of the output
There is also an accompanying SUPPORT.html to make the links for 4.11

Patches 1-3 fix syntax trouble in (and commit us to using
pandoc format for it).  Patches 4-7 arrange to generate a SUPPORT.html
at the toplevel of the generated docs.  These should all be backported
to 4.10.

Patches 8 and 9 are the support matrix generator.  They are not hooked
into any of the xen.git makefiles but it seemed best to have them here
in xen.git/docs rather than floating about in some ad hoc crontab

  ar 1/9 Syntax: Fix some bullet lists
  ar 2/9 Syntax: Fix a typo "States"
 m r 3/9 Syntax: Provide a title rather than a
   r 4/9 docs/gen-html-index: Extract titles from HTML documents
   r 5/9 docs/gen-html-index: Support documents at the toplevel
   r 6/9 docs/Makefile: Introduce GENERATE_PANDOC_RULE_RAW
   r 7/9 docs/Makefile: Format into the toplevel
 +   8/9 docs: Provide parse-support-md
 +   9/9 docs: Provide support-matrix-generate, to generate ...

 a = acked (by a tools or REST maintainer)
 r = release-acked for 4.11
 + = new patch
 m = modified commit message

I think if the output is tolerably accurate, it would be valuable to
get this set up as a cron job ASAP.  Stylistic and formatting
improvements etc. can be done on top.

My plan is that the cron job will use the matrix generator from

For my reference, this was generated with
   docs/support-matrix-generate HEAD SUPPORT.html 
refs/heads/ >t.html
  rsync -vP t.html SUPPORT.html 


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