Doug Goldstein writes ("broken build on staging docs"):
> Since change 7782db9260d4c6499458de4e8d9866bc0427e143 the build has been
> broken. See for
> logs. Ultimately its because HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath is now a required
> Perl module. Previously the only necessary Perl modules where those
> shipped in the core of Perl. While I've got no problem updating all the
> containers to include it, there is a bit of a conundrum where
> CentOS/RHEL don't actually package and include it. I've also checked
> EPEL and its not included. Not sure what approach folks would like to
> take as this will require people to bust out CPAN for RHEL/CentOS based
> builds.

I've just posted a patch which I think will fix this for you.  Can you
try it please ?

 [PATCH] docs/gen-html-index: Make HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath optional again


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