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This email only tracks big items for xen.git tree. Please reply for items you
would like to see in 4.13 so that people have an idea what is going on and
prioritise accordingly.

You're welcome to provide description and use cases of the feature you're
working on.

= Timeline =

We now adopt a fixed cut-off date scheme. We will release about every 8 months.
The upcoming 4.13 timeline are as followed:

* Last posting date: September 13th, 2019

Naive question perhaps, but since the first deadline is two days away,
I'm wondering
what's my best option to provide early feedback? Currently we're testing with
master branch in Project EVE, but I've noticed that it is 4 weeks behind staging
at this point.

When is it expected to catch up?

As soon as OSStest is succeeding on staging.

Any feedback is very welcome, of course. In case you could base your
tests on staging this might speed up things, depending on your tests
(failing for the same reasons as OSStest wouldn't add that much
information, but finding other bugs would be a big plus).

In the RC-phase master should be rather close to staging, as a new RC
is always tagged on the master branch and staging should receive fixes
only (there are some exceptions from time to time, like security fixes).


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