On 19/12/2019 16:14, Jürgen Groß wrote:
> On 19.12.19 13:45, Sergey Dyasli wrote:
>> Hi Juergen,
>> We recently did another quick test of core scheduling mode, and the following
>> failures were found:
>> 1. live-patch apply failures:
>>      (XEN) [ 1058.751974] livepatch: lp_1_1: Timed out on semaphore in CPU 
>> quiesce phase 30/31
>>      (XEN) [ 1058.751982] livepatch: lp_1_1 finished REPLACE with rc=-16

Have you been able to look into this one?

>> 2. ACPI S5 crash:
>>      https://paste.debian.net/1121748/
> So in sched_slave() *vprev is already scrubbed.
> I have currently no idea how that could happen, is vprev->is_running
> should be cleared only a little bit later.

Have you been able to identify the place in code where this happens?
I can try adding some debug messages.

In some good news, we did more XenRT testing with core scheduling mode
and there were no other issues found so far.


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