Jim Fehlig writes ("[OSSTEST PATCH V2] build: fix configuration of libvirt"):
> libvirt.git commit 2621d48f00 removed the last traces of gnulib, which
> also removed the '--no-git' option from autogen.sh. Unknown options are
> now passed to the configure script, which quickly fails with
>   configure: error: unrecognized option: `--no-git'
> Remove the gnulib handling from ts-libvirt-build, including the '--no-git'
> option to autogen.sh. While at it remove configure options no longer
> supported by the libvirt configure script.

Harmf.  Thanks for looking into this and trying to fix this mess.

I think there is a problem with your patch, which is that 2621d48f00
is recent enough that we might want still to be able to build with
earlier versions.

Is there an easy way to tell (by looking at the tree after checkout,
maybe) whether to do the old or the new thing ?

Your perl code looks good to me for what it is trying to do.


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