This patch serires take 2 is mainly for fixing HVM domain save/restore
which Zhang reported.
The patch 7, add IA64_dom0VP_add_memdesc hypercall, is not for commit yet
because pv_ops balloon driver isn't supported on ia64 yet.

The previsous one used sequence lock which is in shared page in order
to avoid race.
This time, removed the sequence counter and introduced a new hypercall
to get memmap. Thus abi change in shared page is avoided.

The reason why HVM domain save/restore is broken is as follows.
Tools stack (save or dump-core) is aware of the region which
is populated as RAM.
However the patch, 'Use main memory for video memory', move pages
from main mamory to 0xc0000000. So save or dump-core fails to
dump those pages. Then HVM domain restore fails.
This patch series (more precisly Patch 5/7) makes XENMEMadd_to_physmap
hypercall with XENMAPSPACE_mfn update the memory map info of a given

[PATCH 1/7] fix XENMEM_add_to_physmap with XENMAPSPACE_mfn
[PATCH 2/7] introduce rcu_lock_target_domain_by_id() for later use
[PATCH 3/7] introduce get_memmap hypercall to avoid race
[PATCH 4/7] linux: update linux arch-ia64.h
[PATCH 5/7] linux, xencomm: support IA64_DOM0VP_get_memmap
[PATCH 6/7] libxc: make xc_ia64_copy_memmap() use get_memmap hypercall
[PATCH 7/7] introduce add_memdesc hypercall.

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