Tristan Gingold wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 12:35:57PM +0900, Isaku Yamahata wrote:
>>> I used GFW#129, image type is QCOW. Since it works for you, what is
>>> the difference between us? Thanks. :)
>> Ah, I'm using patched GFW. I sent out two patches as
>> But I guess Tristan is too busy to commit those.
>> The patch in msg00067.html would fix the issue. Could you try that
>> patch?
> Hi,
> sorry for being to slow!  I have just committed the two patches.

Hi Tristan,
    I can pull the 2 csets now. But I found the binary/xenia64-gfw.bin does not 
change. As we know, it is hard to set up the building environment for GFW. So, 
could you please help to update the binary file togather? Many thanks!

> Thanks,
> Tristan.

Zhang Jingke

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