On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 10:59:51AM +0800, Zhang, Jingke wrote:
> Hi Isaku,
>     We checked the stub-domain in x86 side, basically it works well for 
> booting, smp, and memory (only some issues on save-restore).
>     I remember we did not support stub-domain for resource limit. Do you have 
> new plan to let IA64-Xen support it? Or is ia64 stub-domain available now? 
> Thanks! :)

Hi. As long as I know, stub domain doesn't work on IA64.
Unfortunately I don't have any plan on stub domain/ia64 in near future.
To be honest I'm not sure what amount work it would be to support
stub domain on IA64.

My first priority at this moment is the paravirt_ops/ia64.
The second is the ia64 maintainer work.
Recently the minimal ia64/domU support has been merged into the linux
upstream. However there are still things to do.


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