On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 09:59:58AM +0800, Zhang, Jingke wrote:
>     3. IPF-Xen can not boot up domain with dom_id > 62 (not regression, 
> should be there for a long time) 

Long ago, I posted the patch to address this issue.
Probably there are two ways. (Is there other better way?)

a.) abandon the rid partitioning, and flush mTLB every time vcpu
    context switch.
    (some bits of rid space needs to be reserved for real mode emulation.)

b.) keep the rid partitioning and allow rid collision.
    When vcpu context switch, check the rid collision and
    flush mTLB if necessary.

Benchmark would be necessary to decide which one is better and
to estimate performance degradation.
I implemented b). However no one has implemented a).
So no further step was taken.


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