Hi Samuel,

MiniOS on ia64 is currently broken and I would get it compile again.
Beside some other problems I found the app.lds thing.
This doesn't work on ia64 because the special object mini-os_app.o is not 
linkable with the other objects.
What is needed is a object got compiled with the ia64 flags and than linked 
with app.lds script.

A simple solution could be to add an empty file maybe app_lds.c to the mini-os 
main directory. This will be compiled with ia64 flags and than linking it 
with app.lds.
The diff for the Makefile would be:

diff -r 5fd51e1e9c79 extras/mini-os/Makefile
--- a/extras/mini-os/Makefile   Wed Nov 05 10:57:21 2008 +0000
+++ b/extras/mini-os/Makefile   Tue Nov 11 09:11:00 2008 +0100
@@ -90,8 +90,8 @@ OBJS := $(filter-out $(OBJ_DIR)/daytime.
 OBJS := $(filter-out $(OBJ_DIR)/daytime.o, $(OBJS))
-$(OBJ_DIR)/$(TARGET)_app.o: $(APP_OBJS) app.lds
-       $(LD) -r -d $(LDFLAGS) -\( $^ -\) $(APP_LDLIBS) --undefined main -o $@
+$(OBJ_DIR)/$(TARGET)_app.o: $(APP_OBJS) app.lds app_lds.o
+       $(LD) -r -d $(LDFLAGS) -\( $^ -\) $(APP_LDLIBS) app_lds.o --undefined 
main -o $@
 $(OBJ_DIR)/$(TARGET): links $(OBJS) $(OBJ_DIR)/$(TARGET)_app.o arch_lib
        $(LD) -r $(LDFLAGS) $(HEAD_OBJ) $(OBJ_DIR)/$(TARGET)_app.o $(OBJS) 

I didn't find any solution in changing your linker script app.lds to get the 
needed flags into the object mini-os_app.o to get it linked with ia64 
What do you think?


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