Hi all,
    No new Csets for IPF last week. Latest Cset#18763 is stable. 

    We also did some stress test for VTI with Cset#18633. Result is good! Next 
stress, we will choose the last three cases running for 24 hours each. 
    Platform: Tiger4 
    VTI Configuration: UP, 512M 
    [PASS] Xen crashme stress, 8 hours 
    [PASS] Xen helltest stress, 8 hours 
    [PASS] Xen cvworkloads stress, 8 hours 
    [PASS] Xen ltp stress, 8 hours 
    [PASS] Xen kernelbuild stress, 8 hours 
    [PASS] Run crashme,helltest,cvworkload ltp kernelbuild serially for 20 
    [PASS] Run crashme helltest cvworkload ltp kernelbuild parallely for 20 
    [PASS] Xen stress for win2k8, 8 hours 

    Current unfixed issues (total 3):
    1. with IRQBALANCE service start, dom0 will crash on RHEL5u2 
    2. Dom0 and Win2k3_VTI with e1000 can not ping each other 
    3. When all the vcpus are taken by Dom0, SMP_VTI booting speed is very slow 
during NVRAM loading period.

Zhang Jingke

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