Isaku Yamahata wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 05, 2009 at 12:29:55PM +0800, Zhang, Xiantao wrote:
>> Isaku Yamahata wrote:
>>> Hi. Good catch. Some comments.
>>> I attached two patches to fix, could you try them?
>>> - bss.page_aligned.
>>>   Where is the section used?
>>>   grep didn't tell me. Surely x86 uses .bss.page_aligned in
>>>   linux/arch/[i386, x86_64]/kernel/head[-xen].S,
>>>   but no files unuder linux/arch/ia64/ don't use it.
>> You may need to check drivers/xen/core/evtchn.c, the code as
>> following :-) 
>> Xiantao
>> static int pirq_eoi_does_unmask;
>> static DECLARE_BITMAP(pirq_needs_eoi, ALIGN(NR_PIRQS, PAGE_SIZE * 8))
>>         __attribute__ ((__section__(".bss.page_aligned"),
>> __aligned__(PAGE_SIZE))); 
> Ah, that line was deleted by the chageset of 760:0d10be086a78

Oh, I haven't notice the check-in due to my old codebase. It introduces many 
odd issues to us.   Okay, it is also good to remove it. :)
For adopting fast eoi path,  it should be okay to me.  Please check-in them.  

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