This patch series removes the static partitioned xen heap.
This is the ia64 counter part of the following changeset
        19054:845aa241e163, 19088:055c589f4791, 19089:39517e863cc8
        19091:beba88f6f90d, 19094:6b10d97d6fd4, 19101:6e623569455c

Firstly this patch sets do some small clean ups, then widen
page count_info and _domain pointer, Lastly removes static partitioned
xen heap.

[PATCH 1/7] remove warning
[PATCH 2/7] remove p2m_xenheap boot parameter
[PATCH 3/7] allocate mpt table from domheap
[PATCH 4/7] fix __virt_to_maddr()
[PATCH 5/7] don't use cmpxchg for get_page() and steal_page()
[PATCH 6/7] widen struct page_info()
[PATCH 7/7] remove static partitiond xen heap


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