On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 01:11:53PM +0800, Zhang, Yang wrote:
> Hi
> >From: Isaku Yamahata [mailto:yamah...@valinux.co.jp]
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> >To: Zhang, Yang
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> >Subject: Re: [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH] Fix that guest can not get continuous
> >memory for vhpt
> >- It is a poor approach to introduce new HVM_PARAM_VHPT_SIZE.
> >  This is inconsistent with XEN_DOMCTL_arch_setup by which libxc tells
> >  VMM vhpt size of PV domain.
> >  So the first idea which came into my mind is to call
> >  XEN_DOMCTL_ARCH_setup before populating domain memory.
> >  I haven't checked if it's possible or not, though. Maybe we can introduce
> >  new XEN_DOMAINSETUP_xxx flag.
>       I doesn't introduce HVM_PARAM_VHPT_SIZE. The hvm needs it to save the 
> vhpt'size for allocating vhpt's memory when vcpu boot. I just add some code 
> to save memory for vhpt beforehand when libxc tells VMM vhpt size of  hvm. 
> And I don't think PV domain need to do this.

Oh, sorry. I misread it. Okay, so the approach looks sane.

- The functions newly added in arch/ia64/xen/domain.c are hvm domain
  specific. So please move them under arch/ia64/xen/vmx/.

- The pages for vhpt is allocated by alloc_domheap_pages(NULL, ...),
  Thus those memory doesn't accounted to the domain.
  So adjusting domain memory size doesn't make sense. Just drop it.

- Is vhpt_page[] really necessary?
  How about setting hcb->hash directly instead of temporary
  keeping it in vhpt_page[]?
  Probably adjusting codes of resource allocating/freeing might be required,


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