Isaku Yamahata wrote:
> As you described above, you used alloc_domheap_page(NULL, ) which
> means that pages for vhpt aren't accounted for a given domain.
> So the hunk in tools/python/xen/xend/ doesn't make sense,
> does it? Or have you found any issues without the modification to
When using balloon, it does not count the memory for the vhpt in the previous 
So when balloon memory from dom0, the guest always can not be launched.
because there does not have the enough memory for vhpt. And the hunk add in is 
to fix this issue. this is different from the bug guest can not get continuous 
Maybe i should split this hunk as an new patch.

> Hmm, the patch makes the allocating/freeing vhpt interface convoluted.
> The gut of your patch is to make the function, init_domain_vhpt(),
> not to allocate pages by preallocation. So what should be done is
> not only to add preallocate pages logic, but also to revise
> the related functions.
> Revise init_domain_vhpt() (and free_domain_vhpt()?). Maybe the
> underlying functions, thash_alloc(), thash_free() need to be
> refactored. 
Sorry, i cannot understand your meaning well. what revision should be done?
I feel that the preallocation just provides a method for init_domain_vhpt to 
get continuous
memory.  And we should not to revise this fuctions.

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