On Mon, Mar 02, 2009 at 07:21:28PM +0800, Zhang, Yang wrote:
> Isaku Yamahata wrote:
> > So you want to account vhpt memory.
> > Then, pass the domain pointer as argument to alloc_domheap_page(d,
> > ...) and leave the hunk in image.py.
> > Maybe the code path which frees domain memory needs twist.
> it doesn't pass the domain pointer as argument. There are separate function 
> free_domain_vhpt() and free_domain_vtlb to frees the memory which is used as 
> vhpt.
> but i also free the saved memory which may not used by vhpt(sometimes this 
> will be true) 
> in vmx_relinquish_guest_resources().

You want to balloon the memory for vhpt from dom0 and don't want to allocate
the memory by alloc_domheap_page() with explicit domain pointer.
Then, IA64_HVM_ImageHandler::getRequiredAvailableMemory() is wrong
place to modify.
Please see _initDomain() in XendDomainInfo.py and memory, maxmem
and xc.domain_set_maxmem(), balloon.free().
Only the argument to balloon.free() should be touched and
the argument to xc.domain_se_maxmem() shouldn't be touched.

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