Hi, all

     Latest Cset#19432 has one block issue, I has checked it, found this issue 
should be related with the latest Qemu.

     New issue:
     1. VTI can not boot up with the latest Qemu
         With the latest qemu, VTI can not boot up on C/s 19432, xenU can boot 
up. If changed an old qemu(82787c6f689d8...), VTI can boot up successfully on 
C/s 19432.

Detail Xen/IA64 Unstable Cset #19432 Status Report
Test Result Summary:
        # total case:   17
        # passed case: 3
        # failed case:   14
Testing Environment:
        platform: Tiger4
        xen ia64 unstable tree: 19432 
        dom0 Cset:                    806
        ioemu commit:               545882583159e9cc53cde5965277967092459f37
        processor: Itanium 2 Processor
        logic Processors number: 8 (2 processors with Dual Core)
        pal version: 9.68
        service os: RHEL5u2 IA64 SMP with 2 VCPUs
        vti guest os: RHEL5u2 & RHEL4u3
        xenU guest os: RHEL4u4
        xen schedule: credit
        gfw: open guest firmware Cset#136
Detailed Test Results:

Passed case Summary                     Description
        One_UP_XenU                     1 UP_xenU(mem=256)
        One_SMP_XenU                    1 SMP xenU (vcpus=2)
        Two_SMPXenU_Coexist     2 xenU (mem=256, vcpus=2)

Failed cases Summary                      Description
        Two_UP_VTI_Co           UP_VTI (mem=256)
        One_UP_VTI                         1 UP_VTI (mem=256)
        One_SMPVTI_4096M                1 VTI (vcpus=2, mem=4096M)
        SMPVTI_LTP                      VTI (vcpus=4, mem=512) run LTP
        Save&Restore                    Save&Restore
        VTI_Live-migration                      Linux VTI live-migration
        SMPVTI_and_SMPXenU      1 VTI + 1 xenU (mem=256 vcpus=2)
        SMPVTI_Network                  1 VTI (mem=256,vcpu=2) and'ping'
        SMPXenU_Network         1 XenU (vcpus=2) and 'ping'
        One_SMP_VTI                     1 SMP VTI (vcpus=2)
        SMPVTI_Kernel_Build             VTI (vcpus=4) and do KernelBuild
        UPVTI_Kernel_Build              1 UP VTI and do kernel build
        SMPVTI_Windows                  SMPVTI windows(vcpu=2)
        SMPWin_SMPVTI_SMPxenU   SMPVTI Linux/Windows & XenU 
Best regards,
Hao, Xudong

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