Hi all,
I downloaded the xen source sometime back, I'm currently trying to study the
xen-3.3.1 code. I went through the User and Interface Manuals, they'v been
of great help in understanding the basics, and many other documents which
explain the theory behind its working, but apart from these I could not find
any relevant explanation (googling) for code-study on xen.
After spending many hours on the code, i found little success (not sure) in
the task. I could not find the exact place where i needed to start looking
from. I think it would be totally unnecessary to understand the entire code
and so here i am with the need of some serious help.
I'm interested in finding out how xen uses virt-install to install a guest,
and what does it exactly look for in the iso or the installable distribution
of the guest and how it recognizes the guest and proceeds with the
Apart from these i would like to study where the basic hypercalls
reside(prototypes and fuctions), how and where these hypercalls from the
guests are handled.
Information on the emulation part would also help me understand the working
Advice on where i can find the funtions which deal with above would be of
great help.
I found main functions in the following files *xen-3.3.1\tools\ioemu\vl.c*and
*xen-3.3.1\tools\ioemu-qemu-xen\vl.c*. As the filename indicated, i assumed
that they deal with io emulation and the other with the aid of qemu
emulator. What do these exactly deal with and how is the control passed to
them? The increasing number of such assumtions have increased the chances of
me being lost in the process.
Help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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