I report a benchmark result of this week on IPF using
xen-unstable and linux-2.6.18-xen. # not ia64

- The hypervisor of 19914:d6c1d7992f43 hung up while booting.
  We used 19912:721c14d7f60b.

- Xend of 19912:721c14d7f60b did not run on Python 2.3.
  We removed some codes Python 2.3 do not support. # set()

- DomVTi cannot use tap:aio. When a guest started, dom0 hit BUG_ON()
  at mm/rmap.c:522 and the guest hung up. Thus we used vbd.
  I attached the dom0 call trace.
  # Notice that DomU can use tap:aio.

- On domU, pselect01 failed, but passed when tested again.

    Machine          : Tiger4
    Kernel           :
    Changeset        : 19912:721c14d7f60b (xen-unstable)
                       913:b086278a4406   (linux-2.6.18-xen)
                       137:3ad73b4314e3   (efi-vfirmware)
                       b471f03            (qemu-xen-unstable)
    Dom0 OS          : RHEL4 U2 (2P)
    DomU OS          : RHEL4 U2 (8P, using tap:aio)
    DomVTi OS        : RHEL4 U2 (8P, with PV-on-HVM drivers)

    unixbench4.1.0    : Pass
    bonnie++-1.03     : Pass
    ltp-full-20070930 : 1/835 FAIL # pselect01
    iozone3_191       : Pass
    lmbench-3.0-a5    : Pass
  DomVTi: # file:
    unixbench4.1.0    : Pass
    bonnie++-1.03     : Pass
    ltp-full-20070930 : Pass
    iozone3_191       : Pass
    lmbench-3.0-a5    : Pass

Best regards,
KUWAMURA Shin'ya and FUJITSU members

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