Patches for noHV are up-to-date and tested with trees from the repository as of the date and time of this posting.  I can send them to anyone interested, but probably the only people who have interest also have access to my tress and can get the patches there.

The Xen patch is in /a/kix/homes/kix/mergen/xen/xen-nohv/xen-nohv.  The Linux patch is in /a/kix/homes/kix/mergen/xen/linux/linux-2.6.prlp/linux-prlp.  For Xen you also need the two new files nohv.c and nohv.h which are in /a/kix/homes/kix/mergen.  They need to be placed in your tree in your analogue of xen/xen-nohv/xen/arch/powerpc/powerpc64/nohv.c and xen/xen-nohv/xen/include/asm-powerpc/nohv.h.

Mark Mergen
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